AFRAN Web & Media

Chair: Mohammed Abdel Gawad – Egypt
Co-Chair: Niakhaleen Keita – Senegal

Committee Members:

Ahmed Allah Izidbih – Mauritania
Ala Lasfer – Algeria
Claudia do Vale – South Africa
Hamza Rage – Somalia
Mohamed Mongi Bacha – Tunisia
Nada Sellami – Tunisia
Okpiri James – Nigeria
Tigist Fikre – Ethiopia
Zerrouki Samia – Algeria

Terms of Reference Version v1, December 2020
Prepared by Dr Mohammed Abdel Gawad
Reviewed and approved by Prof Faical Jarraya


AFRAN Web & Media Committee purpose:

  • The purpose of the AFRAN Web & Media Committee is to transfer and convey AFRAN activities to be shared worldwide and to reach more number of Nephrologists in Africa and the rest of the world.

AFRAN Web & Media Committee duties:

  1. AFRAN website:
    • Organization and maintenance of the website.
    • Updating the website with African and international nephrology news to make the web site attractive and dynamic.
  2. Building up, organization and maintenance of AFRAN Facebook page/group
  3. Building up, organization and maintenance of AFRAN twitter account
  4. Building up, organization and maintenance of AFRAN YouTube channel (when needed)

AFRAN Web & Media Committee interaction with other committees (Committees overlap):

  • One of the AFRAN Web & Media Committee duties is to be an extension of the activities of other committees.
  • Our committee will transfer the activities and achievements of other committees to the website and to social media to be shared worldwide.
  • It is important for AFRAN Web & Media Committee to get periodic reports (about activities and achievements) from other committees to be published and shared.
  • AFRAN Web & Media Committee will help other committees to share announcements about any webinars or other activities

Material and content that will be shared on AFRAN social media accounts:

  1. Activities of other committees
  2. Announcements of AFRAN webinars, conferences and workshops
  3. Coverage of AFRAN webinars, conferences and workshops
  4. Periodic clinical MCQs
  5. Periodic share of published mega trials
  6. Sharing any other related content

Progress review

  • Progress reports will be produced every 3 months (or as demanded) and will be presented to AFRAN board members.
  • Progress reports will be indicating the activity taken by the committee and the fulfillment of the mentioned duties.