Welcome Message 2022

Welcome Message from AFRAN President Mohamed Hany Hafez

Dear  colleagues, Professors and consultants :

On behalf of AFRAN executive committee, I am privileged and honored   to  serve in this term as AFRAN president ,and to welcome you to the AFRAN website which is designed to reflect most nephrology activities in the continent.

This site will update you about conferences, webinars, publications, registries and other activities of the AFRAN 15 committees. the 17th Congress of AFRAN  was held last February in Cairo with significant cooperation of many international societies in the fields of nephrology, dialysis and Transplantation( ISN, ISPD, TTS, AFPNA, KDIGO, DICG, Mayo Clinic and other international groups).

Also Abidjan declaration was updated in order to tailor nephrology   Activities to country needs.

We need in the coming months  your active participation by membership, ideas and sharing in commitee activities , without this we would never succeed.

thanks for your cooperation in Achieving high Quality Care for Nephrology , and making “AFRAN” Great.

Our new board is fully dedicated to serve AFRAN and  improve all nephrology  activities during their term .

Success on all fronts is our target and taking nephrology to international standards, this needs your help and active support.

Please accept our best regards

Mohamed hany Hafez
Professor of Nephrology and Medicine, Cairo university-Egypt
President of AFRAN