CV Professor Abdou Niang

Professor Abdou Niang, MD, FWACP

Address: University Hospital Dalal Jamm, Nephrology-Dialysis-Internal Medicine, Po Box 6548 Dakar, Senegal
Mobile: O (221) 33 839 85 85 / M (221) 77 536 10 06
Email: /

Nationality: Senegalese

International Societies ACTIVITIES

  • AFRAN President (African association of Nephrology)
  • Member of ISN (International Society of Nephrology) since 2009
  • ISN Dialysis Working Group deputy chair (2019-2021)
  • President elect of ISN Dialysis Working Group (2021-2023)
  • ISN Africa board member (2019)
  • ISPD (International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis) Africa Board Co-Chair since 2017
  • ISN committees
    • Since 2014, as active member of ISN Africa regional board, we contribute to new ISN bylaws.
    • Since 2015, as ISN Education Committee member, I have launched the first ISN French Webinar on sepsis and AKI as lecturer (March 22th, 2016). Participating regularly to ISN education Com meetings, I have contributed to build successful ISN academy platform.
    • Since 2015, as ISN Dialysis Committee member, I have contributed to organizing educational and CME programs (PD workshops, Dialysis courses), training of individuals (nephrologists, nurses and dialysis technicians), promoting the 0 by 25 initiative and assisting the Saving Young Lives Project in promoting the use of PD to treat patients with AKI in low resource settings.
    • Participation as expert to ISN Global Kidney Health Summit, Sharjah (EAU), March 2017.
  • Link between ISN and SFNDT (Francophone society of nephrology, dialysis and Transplantation).
    • With SFNDT support, we have developed a directory (Phone and address book) of sub-Saharan African francophone nephrologists in the SFNDT website ( with 240 registered members from 21 countries. This database allow us to realize a mailing list of sub-Saharan African francophone nephrologists for communication, education, training and broadcasting useful scientific events.
  • Scientific meeting and teaching courses organized on behalf of ISN:
    • February 2011, As Deputy chair of Organizing committee, we successfully organized the AFRAN Congress supported by ISN and ISPD with more than 400 attendees. The first Peritoneal dialysis course in West and Central Africa took place at the same time in Dakar.
    • December 2015, we organized the first international dialysis course in Dakar supported by ISN, ISPD, IPNA and SKCF (Saving Young Lives). A first PD workshop (about PD in AKI) took place in the region.
    • As leader of the first and single PD unit in west African region implemented since 2004, I am working with my colleagues to expand PD in our region.
    • February 2018, in collaboration with ISN and IPNA (International Pediatric nephrology association), we organized in Dakar a PD workshop jointly with the 1st International pediatric nephrology course in the region. Seventy-six pediatricians and nephrologists attended the workshop.
  • Advocacy for Hemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis in Senegal
    • As leader and deputy chair of Nephrology department in Dakar University Medical Hospital, we developed a national and international nephrology referral service. Hemodialysis centers increased from 2 in 2010 to 25 centers in 2018 across the country.
    • In 2004, I have implemented the first peritoneal dialysis (PD) program for the management of acute and chronic renal failure in children and adults using continuous ambulatory PD and automated PD.
    • I actively and successfully advocated for financial and geographical access to dialysis. Costs for dialysis were first fully then partially paid by the patient until 2012. Since 2012, dialysis costs are fully covered by the government in the public sector and partly covered in the private sector.
  • Training and Education in Nephrology
    • The Dakar Nephrology School Center, a leading nephrology-training center in west and central Africa, was opened in 2005 in Dakar to fill the gap in nephrology training in the sub-Saharan Africa region. In that era, no country in that region had more than five nephrologists, and half the countries had no nephrologists. In 2005, Senegal had only three nephrologists.
    • Between 2005-2017, the school trained 104 nephrologists from 21 African countries and 90 senior nephrology nurses from 7 African countries.


  • General Secretary & treasurer of African association of Nephrology (AFRAN) (September 2019-december 2020)
  • Head of Nephrology department, C. A. Diop University of Dakar (august 2019)
  • ISN Dialysis Working Group deputy chair (2019-2021)
  • Chief of Nephrology department, University hospital Dalal Jamm, Dakar (2019)
  • President of Medical board of University hospital Dalal Jamm, Dakar (2016-2019)
  • Assistant of General Secretary & treasurer of African association of Nephrology (AFRAN) (2013-2019)
  • General secretary of Senegalese society of nephrology (SOSENEPH)(2005-2020)
  • Professor assistant in nephrology department, University hospital A. Le Dantec of Dakar (Senegal) (2002-2004)
  • Internal Medicine Department as assistant and senior assistant in University hospital A. Le Dantec of Dakar (Senegal)(1995-2004)

  • African Association of Nephrology (1999)(General Sec. /Treasurer 2019)
  • French society of Nephrology (2000)
  • Senegalese society of Nephrology(2005) (General secretary)
  • American society of Nephrology (2008) ID:144816)
  • International Society of Nephrology (2009)(N. 80374)
  • International Society of Peritoneal dialysis (2011) (N. 110082), Chair of African PD chapter
  • West African college of Physicians ( 2016) (Senegalese chapter)

  • Renal replacement therapies in Africa
  • Glomerulonephritis in Africa,
  • End Stage Kidney Diseases
  • Education and Nephrology training in Africa

Author or co-author of more than 50 scientific papers in international and local journals.

Lecturer in international and local conferences

Translated french edition of open access book “Save Your Kidneys” (, available in 36 languages, by more than 100 nephrologists, downloaded more than 60 millions hits.

Recent relevant publications:

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