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Objectives of AFRAN

The principal purpose of AFRAN is to promote the development and establish scientific identity for African nephrology. For this purpose AFRAN shall organize, support and sponsor the following activities:

  1. Holding of regular congresses in African countries.
  2. Publishing of African Journal of Nephrology (AJN) and AFRAN Newsletter.
  3. Improvement of nephrology education in Africa through support and hosting of workshops and continuing nephrology education.
  4. Establishment of relevant registries.
  5. Promotion of research specifically addressing nephrological problems in Africa, particularly at a multinational level.

AFRAN has three classes of membership: full, associate, and honorary.


Section 1. Eligibility:

Eligible for full members are qualified African physicians dealing with renal disease at clinical or investigational levels. Acknowledged qualification shall be defined by the Board of Trustees in accordance with scientific disciplines in the various African countries. Full members shall pay annual dues fixed by the Board of Trustees, which include subscription to the regular AFRAN publications.

Section 2. Application:

Application for full membership shall be made to the Secretary/Treasurer by filling the “AFRAN Membership Application Form” approved by the Board of Trustees. The applicant must be proposed by two full members of whom at least one shall introduce him/her by a “Letter of Acquaintance”. Acceptance for membership shall be ratified by the Board of Trustees.


Section 1. Eligibility:

African clinicians and scientists not satisfying the qualification requirements and paramedicals including nurses, biomedical engineers and technicians can become associate members. They shall pay a reduced subscription fee and shall participate in all scientific activities of the Association. However, they shall not be members of the General Assembly, they shall have no right to vote, and cannot be members of the Board of Trustees.

Section 2. Application:

Application for Associate Membership shall be made to the Secretary/Treasurer by filling the “AFRAN Membership Application Form” and acceptance shall be ratified by the Board of Trustees.


Clinicians and scientists from any country may be elected as Honorary Members in recognition of their outstanding scientific or other contributions to African nephrology. Honorary Members shall not pay any subscription fees, shall not be members of the General Assembly and cannot be involved in any AFRAN organizational activities. Honorary Members shall be nominated by the Board of Trustees and ratified by the General Assembly.


Advantages of joining AFRAN:

  1. Reduced registration fees at AFRAN organized and sub-regional meetings.
  2. Free subscription to African Journal of Nephrology.
  3. Free subscription to AFRAN Newsletter.
  4. Support for training of Fellows within Africa.
  5. Support for nephrology development in all African Countries.
  6. Support of national and sub-regional associations in organization of continuous nephrology education.
  7. Fostering research collaboration between African Nephrology Community and centres in developed countries