Research & Ethics

Chair: Prof. Tariq Sqalli (Tunisia)
Co-Chair: Prof. Hubert Yao (Côte d’Ivoire)

Committee Members:

1. Dr Yazied M Chothia (South Africa)
2. Dr Kabinga (Kenya)
3. Dr Aly Traore (Guinee)
4. Prof Ayman Refaie (Egypt)
5. Leja Hamza Juhar (Ethiopia)
6. Pr Driss El Kabbaj (Morocco)
7. Moustapha Faye (Senegal)


Terms of Reference
The Research and Ethics Committee of the African Association of Nephrology (AFRAN) is one of the statutory committees set up by the Board of Trustees of the association.

To promote relevant, appropriate, impactful research of high ethical standards that will enhance the quality of nephrology care in Africa.

The AFRAN Research and Ethics committee will advance kidney research in Africa by fostering multinational collaborative research, setting relevant research agenda, and enhancing human research capacity development through mentored research training programs.

Action Plans
To accomplish this vision and mission, the Research and Ethics Committee will:

  1. Set research priorities for Africa by identifying gaps in knowledge and research.
    1. Promote population-based research projects on the epidemiology, aetiology, and genetics of CKD, AKI, and other kidney diseases in Africa.
    2. Promote research into kidney disease involvement in prevalent infectious diseases in Africa such as (e.g. tuberculosis, Yellow fever, Lassa fever, Malaria) and other emerging infectious diseases (e.g. AKI among COVID-19 patients in Africa)
    3. Promote National non-communicable disease surveys and their impact on kidney diseases
    4. Encourage follow up longitudinal studies on CKD prevention screening programs in the community
    5. Evaluate outcomes of CKD treatment in member countries (conservative, HD, PD, transplantation)
    6. Design and implement health services research related to kidney care in our communities.
  2. Promote educational activities related to researchamong members through online training and lectures in research methodology, responsible conduct of research, Good Clinical Practice, Research Ethics, Publication Ethics, Grant writing, scientific writing, mentoring, etc.
  3. Encourage early-career health professionals and scientists to improve and build a successful research career in Nephrology through:
    1. Local, regional, and international collaboration
    2. Mentored research programs
    3. Establishing research clusters
  4. Funding for Research in Africa.
    1. Circulate among members notifications on grants application
    2. Engage the African Union and other regional bodies to encourage homegrown research and innovation through improved funding for research.
    3. We will encourage the setting up of an AFRAN Foundation for kidney Research.
  5. Oversee issues related to ethics and professionalismnot limited to the research setting but including clinical ethics, ethics of organ transplantation, and inter-professional relationships.

Collaborate with other AFRAN committees to facilitate the achievement of these goals.
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Clinical Nephrology Committee
Transplantation Committee
Registry Committee
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