Chair: Prof. Hubert Yao (Côte d’Ivoire)
Co-Chair: Dr. Ebun bambgoye (Nigeria)

Committee Members:

1. Prof Gamal Saadi (Egypt)

2. Dr Hussein Bagha (Kenya)

3. Seifemichael Getachew (Ethiopia)

4. Prof El Hadji Fary Ka (Senegal)

5. Dr Alpha Boubacar BAH (Guinee)

6. Benyounes Ramdani (Morocco)


AFRAN Transplantation Advocacy Committee
Terms of Reference
Purpose of the Transplantation Advocacy Committee

  • The purpose of the Transplantation Advocacy Committee is to support the efforts of members to advance transplantation on the continent.

Suggested focus areas of the Transplantation Advocacy Committee

  • The Committee will seek to support members working in transplantation through:
    • Facilitating education and training in the field of transplantation
      • Establishment of a dedicated social media group for members engaged in or interested in transplantation
      • Development of a transplantation-themed online lecture series
      • Facilitating cross-programme trainee exchange
    • Establishing cross-programme clinical support networks
      • Development of referral pathways for transplantation-related specialties which might not be widely available (immunology, histology)
    • Policy development and advocacy
      • Development of guidelines and protocols for the ethical recruitment and distribution of donor organs
      • Development of guidelines for the management of recipients and donors which reflect conditions and challenges prevailing on the continent
      • Assisting individual programmes to advocate for transplantation through engagement with their local health authorities and to advocate for transplantation on the continent as a whole through engagement with the African Union

Survey of transplantation practices and needs

  • To understand how best to assist individual programmes the committee will undertake a survey of transplantation practices on the continent
  • Results of the survey will be collated to provide an overview of transplantation on the continent which will be presented to the AFRAN Executive Committee
  • The Subcommittee will engage with responding programmes to provide individualized assistance and support

Interaction with other subcommittees

  • The Transplantation Advocacy Committee will engage with
    • The AFRAN Web and Media Committee in the establishment of the proposed transplantation social media platforms
    • The Education and Training Committee and the Young Nephrologists Committee in the development of the proposed online lecture series and to facilitate cross-programme trainee exchange
    • The Prevention and Advocacy Committee to advocate for transplantation at national and international level
    • The Renal Pathology Education Committee in the establishment of the online lecture series and in the development of referral pathways for clinical support

Hierarchy of the Transplantation Advocacy Committee

  • Members of the subcommittee will be nominated to lead the identified focus areas of the committee
  • The Chair and Deputy Chair will have overall responsibility for ensuring that the committee fulfills its mandate

Progress reports

  • The committee will provide reports as required by the Executive Committee in respect of progress made in achieving its mandate.

Compiled by Drs Malcolm Davies and Ebun Bamgboye

January 2021