Young Nephrologists Committee

Chair: Dr. Yannick Nlandu (DRC)
Co-Chair: Dr. Victorine Nzana (Cameroon)

Committee Members:

1. Dr. Mohamed E. Elrggal (Egypt)
2. Dr. Bianca Davidson (South Africa)
3. Dr. Yannick Nlandu (DRC)
4. Dr. NZANA Victorine Bandolo (Cameroon)
5. Dr. (Mrs) Onu Ugochi Chika (Nigeria)
6. Dr. Grace Kansiime (Uganda)
7. Dr. Yasminatou Bikinga (Burkina Faso)
8. Dr. Meriam Khadhar (Tunisia)
9. Dr. Zibya Barday (South Africa)


Terms of Reference
To meet the expectation of young nephrologist by providing a nurturing environment for teaching, research and leadership to ensure equitable access to optimum, comprehensive and sustainable kidney care in Africa.

To build a vibrant community of young nephrologists ready to build capacity in the prevention and management of kidney disease on the African continent by developing educational, training, research and leadership opportunities to attain the mission and vision of AFRAN.


  1. To encourage the training of young nephrologists to improve the teaching and learning of nephrology on the African continent.
  2. To create opportunities for collaboration in high quality research among young nephrologist on the African continent.
  3. To advocate for preventive nephrology strategies and equitable access to optimum management of kidney disease in Africa.
  4. To build a cohort of effective leaders to advance the ideals of AFRAN.

Core Values
Excellence Equity

Young nephrologist committee

  1. Shall include a chair, Deputy chair and 10 committee members.
  2. All committee members shall be 45 years of age or less during their tenure.
  3. There should be a fair balance of members from all the five regions of Africa as much as possible.
  4. There shall be a fair representation of gender in the committee.
  5. There shall be both members from Anglophone and Francophone countries.
  6. Member shall have diverse expertise in teaching, research, advocacy and leadership.
  7. The YNC shall meet at least every quarter to plan and execute activities of interest for its members in accordance with the AFRAN constitution.


  1. Members shall be young nephrologists or physician with interest in nephrology 45 years of age or less originating from or practicing in Africa.
  2. Member should be paid up members of the African Association of Nephrology (AFRAN).
  3. Members are encouraged to be members of the International Society of Nephrology.
  4. Regular communication among members shall be by electronic social media platforms such as zoom, WhatsApp group communication and emails.
  5. Members shall meet at every AFRAN Congress whether in-person or virtual.
  6. English shall be the official language of the young Nephrologists committee but all communications shall be translated into French as much as possible.

Sub committee
The proposed sub-committee in the Young Nephrologist committee shall be:

  1. Research committee
  2. Education committee
  3. Advocacy committee
  4. Leadership committee

Action plans

  1. Plan webinars for continuous medical education for young nephrologist at least once every quarter
  2. To seek and encourage the formation of strategic partnerships with centres of excellence in nephrology training in Africa and globally to improve access and affordability of optimum kidney care.
  3. To optimize the utilization of online platforms for education and training of nephrologists and advocacy in preventive nephrology.
  4. Set up of research teams for collaborative research based on interest among young nephrologists to learn from senior nephrologists.
  5. To liaise with other committees to advance the course of young nephrologist in the African continent and advocate for the inclusion of young nephrologists in other sub-committees.